Ms. Sparkle Polish for Shiro Cosmetics

Today I get to show you another new-to-me brand, Ms. Sparkle Polish! She’s an international brand that does ship to the U.S., but she also has a U.S. Stocklist, Shiro Cosmetics, stationed in Oregon. Ms. Sparkle Polish created a couple of exclusive polishes for Shiro Cosmetics, and I have the pleasure of showing you those today!

This duo pulls inspiration from The Emperor’s New Groove, a Disney movie made in 2000 which is absolutely adorable. Read about the plot here.

***I found this picture on the Internet and do not take credit for it.***

Yzma is the first polish in this duo and is described as a deep purple holo (scattered holo) with a blue shift to it. It is super pretty, and looked different in different angles. My swatch shows three coats plus glossy top coat.


And of course I had to stamp some pretty hearts over this pretty purple. Check out my Instagram for full mani details (@shelseamagan). image

Kuzco is described as a chameleon ultrachrome with a copper-to-burgundy shift and cooresponding color-shifting flakies. This was actually opaque in ONE COAT! I’ve never had an ultrachrome opaque in one coat that shifted this much! I did also apply a glossy top coat.


I just love the “waterdrop” look on duo/multichromes so I just had to add them to this polish and I was not disappointed!imageimage

These gorgeous polishes should be available soon. Be sure to check out @ms_sparkle_polish on Instagram for all the updates. Plus, she has tons of other pretty polishes!


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